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    November 9, 2018

    Polson School District #23
    1st Quarter Newsletter

    From the Desk of the Superintendent

    Greetings, it is hard to believe that we are already into the 2nd quarter of this school year. Below you will find several things I wanted to share with you all.

    Linderman Gym Project – After 10 months of working with Travelers insurance, we still are in deep deliberation, if not dispute, in regards to their involvement and financial support to assist us in fixing Linderman Gym and getting the facility back on-line for our students and community.

    K-12 facilities master planning. Last spring I initiated conversation with our board of trustees and staff centered around the need to enhance student and staff safety in all buildings, upgrading learning and working environments; including heating and ventilation, and instructional regrouping in the elementary district with adding vocational and STEM spaces at the high school along with building a community event center/competition gym on the campus. The Linderman Gym parapet failure halted the K-12 facilities planning and we will want to get a firm understanding of the Linderman project before we re-engage the K-12 facilities master planning conversation.

    Last month I was notified by Reflex Protect that they discovered a flaw in several of their spray canister trigger mechanisms. I held off on initiating our install until I had a product we could trust to be working properly. We received a completely new and improved (tested) shipment today and I have directed our Maintenance Department to start the install next week commencing at Cherry Valley. We developed board approved policy for this defense tool as well and I am requiring all staff read this policy before your install. Policy 1710 is attached.

    Thank you all for wearing your School ID Badges. Safety, Identifiable, and Professional are present when you wear your ID and simply good for kids and us as an organization. Thank you again.

    The have been some questions as to where the winter athletics will be played this season. We are using our existing gyms as frequently as possible coupled with SKC athletic center. You will find the location of all activities on the schedules produced and submitted by the high school activities office. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the high school or Mr. Krantz @

    Administration Instructional Rounding – I have engaged our administration team in instructional rounding throughout the district. The team will round once a month for 30 minutes at a specific building. In October, we visited Cherry Valley and this month we will round at Linderman Elementary. This is an opportunity for our admin team to become more familiar with instructional practices K-12 and to calibrate what effective instruction looks and sounds like at each level.

    I appreciate your dedication and devotion to all of our students.


    Rex M. Weltz
    Polson School District

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